About Us

Who We Are

Moneta Alexis Foundation is a Social Enterprise Organization that is committed to improving the prosperity of our society by providing food, shelter and human capacity development to the economical disadvantaged in Africa.

We are an Organization with a passion to harness the creative ability of the African person towards development of his human capacity, his community and his society.

We are keen on  Human Capital and Enterprise Development because we seeks to build the next generation of Entrepreneurs who are socially conscious as well as have the capacity to employ others.

Our Entrepreneurial development community is designed to help Young and dynamic African with various entrepreneurial ideas transforming them into successful business ventures. We are passionate about enterprise incubation and development especially those that thrives on the use of Technology to grow profitable business entities.

The New Way to
  • success.
  • advance.
  • progress.


Elevating the dignity of Mankind by providing opportunities for preservation, purpose and prosperity.


Building a better society where individuals and families are brought out of extreme poverty


Africa is a continent blessed with enormous resources and potential yet more than 200 million people do not have access to adequate food, affordable shelter and a means of livelihood to support themselves and their families. 60% of Africans live on less than 2 US dollars a day despite residing in one of the riches continents on earth .The world has achieved high level of advancement and prosperity yet 40% of Africans still living in extreme poverty. This has led to harsh living conditions and an underdeveloped mental capacity.

Africa has over 200 million young people (between the ages of 18 and 35 years) and 40 percent of that number live in cities or urban settlements and are either underemployed or unemployed. We would require over 1 million new businesses in the next 5 years in order to provide enough jobs for this number.

Africa suffers not just from economic deprivation but from lack of access to world class information that can transform our society. We intend on bridging this gap by providing access to the relevant knowledge and skill.


Our goal is to provide the basic human (like food and shelter) for the most vulnerable while we provide them necessary skill acquisition and training needed to make them self sustainable.

This project would ensure more people who have entrepreneurial ability are empowered with the necessary skill, knowledge and financial support needed to create successful businesses.


  • To provide access to affordable shelter to the 5000 extreme poor individuals
  • To provide food supplies to 20,000 benefiting families.
  • To provide entrepreneurial and skill acquisition program to 20,000 individuals, making them self sustaining over the next 5 years
  • To build a community of over 1 million strong members who are entrepreneurially driven
  • To provide access to affordable shelter to the 5000 extreme poor individuals