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Project Upstart is an opportunity for your business to get more visibility, new clients/investors and help you leverage strategic partnerships. We are looking for the most innovative Startups from any industry in Nigeria for our Startup Competition. No matter where you are within the nation, we want to hear from you. The most promising business ideas and team will be entered into the pitch competition,
Project Upstart Startup Competition is now open!


  • You stand a chance of pitching your business for investment to a pool of selected and interested Investors.
  • Finalists will be given a FREE Workstation at our Hub for 60 days
  • Visibility for your business – We will publicize your business on our website and social media platforms.
  • Networking Opportunities – You will get a FREE invite to our Creatives’ Meetup in April and May 2021.
  • Post-event opportunities – You will get a FREE Invite to the Project Upstart Virtual Startup Summit where you will meet and interact with business founders and Investors. You will also get a 50% Discount on any of our paid events.

What to know

  1. Your business must be an early-stage startup registered in Nigeria
  2. You must have launched your startup/ have initial traction (customers, money)
  3. You must have a clearly defined business model.
  4. Your business must be capable of being technologically driven.
  5. You must have a strong, driven and motivated team.
  1. The following application form must be submitted in English
  2. Make sure you check the requirements to confirm if you are eligible for Project Upstart’s Startup Competition
  3. Ensure that you complete all the required fields in the form below in order to be eligible for the Startup Competition
  4. Upload a 90-second pitch video of your business to Google Drive and submit the link
  5. You can reach out to us at monetalexisfoundation@gmail.com for any questions or problems you may have
  6. Top selected startups will be announced via email and will require confirmation.

There are three stages to the competition.

– First is the Application stage, where you fill and submit your application form. Your application form and 90-second pitch video will be sent to a team of judges for review. If the judges are impressed with your 90-second pitch, you will proceed to the Preliminaries.

– At the Preliminaries, you will be interviewed by a judge, if your interview goes smoothly and your answers are satisfactory, you will be shortlisted as a finalist.

–  At the Final stage, you will have access to a 1 on 1 meeting with the Investors, who in turn may decide to invest in your business.

  • Who can enter the Project Upstart Competition?

Nigerians who are founders of innovative businesses. The business must be early-revenue and must be capable of being technologically driven.

  • How do I get started?

 Read the instructions, click the “Get Started” option, fill the form accurately and submit.

  • How long will the entire process take?

The deadline for the application is on the 22nd of April, if you scale through the Preliminary stage, you will be scheduled to meet the Investors in the first week of May.

  • Is my application confidential?

Yes, your application will be kept confidential and will only be shared with our review team and Judges.

  • Who will I be pitching my business to?

 You will be pitching your business to the investors but your 90-second video will be reviewed by our judges

  • What do I stand to gain from this competition?

You will gain access to one-on-one meeting with Investors where you can pitch your business. Finalists will also gain access to a Free Workstation at our Hub, (this will come with Internet Services, an official Business Address, and Technical Support) for 60 days. Finalists will get a 50% discount on any paid event that will be taking place at our Hub. Amongst all these benefits, the Finalists will also be listed on our website and social media platforms which help their businesses gain visibility.

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