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Super Volunteer

Our team organised a Super Volunteer Recruiting event in Paris. There are many ways to contribute to our cause, and one of them is by volunteering!

3-Life Changing benefits of Volunteering

My name is Orji Animawo

With Moneta Alexis Foundation you can help Orji find a better housing closer to his place of work.

My name is Ajilo Jeremiah Tobi

With Moneta Alexis Foundation, you can help Ajilo get a better photographic equipment and a studio to run his business.

My name is Abdul Rasheed Onimasha

Abdul Rasheed Onimasha runs an embroidery business. The problem he faces is that the shop is too small to work, if he can get a bigger shop it will enable him to work better. He has three apprentice but only one machine. He is also a family man and his business helps sustaining three workers (schooling, feeding & general upkeep)